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1 year ago

He was just rehearsing for his upcoming movie called #DUMSOR


It feels great to express your feelings especially when you feel uncomfortable about those issues. It is very important to wake our DEAD GOAT President with demonstrations and intensify pressure on him.

However some people seize the opportunity to display their acting talents or I think they forgot that they are not on set.

Rumors has it that new movie is coming up called #DUMSOR. Starring are the same celebs who organize the #DUMSORMUSTSTOP campaign.

Now he is rehearsing at the demostrations

   To be continue……….. 

1 year ago

Duncan williams needs medical attention.

Its no longer dwarfs this time, now its too much talk from ordinary citizens who are making their discomfort and frustrations known to the government due to the power crisis.

In my opinion people with medical issues mentally, only have the potential to attack verbally their fellow countrymen who are suffering from the poor leadership of their country.

I also think that just like the Head of the psychiatrics in Ghana say our political leaders must check their mental status, our religious leaders must do the same.

To be continue……….. 

1 year ago

The Reason why the Politicians will do anything to win power in Ghana


It is an irony to say our leaders are lazy yet they are the richest in our society.

Where do they get their moneys from? The major problem of entrepreneurs in Ghana today is about the capital to start a business yet the politician are opening new businesses today all over town.

Where do they get their money from? Most politicians invest about $100,000 to $500,000 on campaign just to get Parliament? Some even go in for loans


THE BASE (Taxable) SALARY – The base pay of an MP or government executive is estimated at about $5,000 per month or $60,000.

 Corporate bodies like Electricity Corporation of Ghana (ECG) pay their top executives a base pay of $15,000 per month or $180,000 per year.


SITTING ALLOWANCES for COMMISSIONS – not long ago, the case of the ECG Board salary was published.

 The Board members were making from Ghc50,000 to Ghc120,000 for part time work per year.

 If ECG Board pays out $50,000 (GH 197,744) to non-MPs, come to think of it, how much will an MPs get when they attend Committee meetings? Some of them may be making equal amounts or more per committee, and hence sitting allowances may be say $150,000 (GH 593,234) to $200,000 (GH 790,979) per year if they are on 3 or 4 committees of Parliament or outside.


Government executives get housing allowances which the lowest will be say $3,000 per month (GH 1,186) or $36,000 (GH 142,376)per year. Their vehicles are worth up to about $100,000 (GH 395,489 )